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#Celebrateblogging: THE LESSONS-2


#Celebrateblogging: THE LESSONS THAT CAME BY

“I had made my inner vow to teach self rather than group reliance.” –Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, I Can See Clearly Now
One early September evening I received a call from Blogadda is an Indian organization who successfully monetized blogging by providing a network for individual bloggers in order to share their blog posts. Blogadda also provides opportunity for bloggers to receive free books from new and successful Indian authors for book reviews. I have been associating with Blogadda for a long period now through book reviews. Over the years, they have advanced into other product reviews and blog contests, offering bloggers a chance to try at what they love doing and win prizes.
When the correspondent from Blogadda rang me up, I wasn’t in a situation to respond. It was a busy, early September evening with lots of grocery shopping on my mind. Somehow, the call seemed important.
I took it.
I was attentive to the person on the other side. My initial reaction to the realization that t…

FINAL CHAPTER: The Circle of Deceit

Chapter 30 Kalakaar Colony. 
Read the previous post here The door to Room Number 202 opened and Tara entered. Shekhar’s face reflected an emotion that Jennifer could not comprehend. There was a sense of suspense with the silence in the room then. No one spoke. Everyone waited for a response from the other, expecting something unexpected. It was the same room where Aryan questioned Cyrus. It was the same room where Shekhar had heard that heart-breaking truth about Roohi’s kidnapper. Aryan’s job was to take care of the man who had done too much to that family. Once he took him out to the same abandoned house in Mud Island, where Krishna had found Roohi for further questing.
“Stay where you are!” Shekhar said. His voice came out as a shout. It startled Tara. She stopped. Shekhar walked towards her. “Why?” he growled.
“I don’t understand what you mean, Shekhar…,” Tara was upset too. Her voice trembled. Her eyes became wet in a silent agony. Jennifer, who was watching Shekhar move forward, al…