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EUROPEAN UNION’S LAW ON COOKIES: Why don’t they let bloggers choose for themselves?

The previous week, I announced in my Facebook page that I would be regular on my blog, this week onward. I had nothing that I felt suitable to share with my reader after a short hiatus. The pressure mounted from that moment in Facebook. There are several reasons for my silence in blogosphere. The real question, however, is if it matters at all.
Blogging has apparently lost its dynamic appeal for a long period of time now. More often than not, blogs have been used by authors to promote their books and shopping sites for spreading info about their new products. Self-published and indie authors use blogs as their personalized tools for marketing, using interconnected links and sharing information about the site where their new born book would be available for purchase.
Book blogging made me rich in books. I am a biblio-millionare so to speak. Being one of the prominent book bloggers in India, I consider it my responsibility to enhance the use of blogs to invite potential readers to discov…